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Best Ways To Spray Your Favorite Fragrance

Many people use different fragrance without knowing the one that

suits their body chemistry or where to spray it to make it last longer.

KEHINDE AJOBIEWE writes on how and where to spray perfume to create an

aura for yourself, with reports from

We all have particular things or fashion piece we cannot do without,

and sometimes, we tend to create our style with such things. While some

are lovers of good clothes, shoes or bags, some of us are freaks when it comes to good perfume and we can go to any length to get the best no

matter how expensive they may be.

However, in choosing your perfume, it is important to know what scent

works better for your body chemistry. You have to understand that all

fragrances react differently according to one’s unique body chemistry.

The fact that a particular perfume works for your friend or sibling does

not mean the same will work for your chemistry. Some scents will not

work well with your body chemistry, no matter how good they smell out of

the bottle.

Perfume is a mixture of fragrant essential oils and aroma compounds,

used to give a pleasant scent to the wearer. Different fragrances can

affect people in different ways. For example, fragrances like rose can

be very relaxing. Because of this, wearing a certain type of perfume can

make the wearer feel relaxed, feminine, strong, sexy, or light, in any

combination. When selecting your perfume, you can choose your scent to

convey something about your personality, as well as affect your mood.

Before you choose a scent, you should try it and see if it works for

you, personally. Some scents are floral, some are woody, and some are

blended, and so forth, so you’ll need to explore what scents work best

with your body chemistry.

After you find a scent you like that smells great on you, you’ll need

to learn how to apply it well. Make sure that it is subtle and not

overpowering; so that the people around you are able to enjoy your new

perfume. A dab of fragrance to what are called the pulse points is

usually more than enough. Pulse points are where the blood vessels are

closest to the skin, like the inner wrists, the base of the throat,

behind ear lobes, in the cleavages, behind knees, and the inner elbows. These spots emanate heat, which can help fragrance to emanate from your

skin into the air.

Misting the hair with fragrance is also a great way to leave a gentle

scent in your wake, as you move through your day. Those who you choose

to get closer to will be rewarded with a fuller scent. However, in

doing that, you have to be careful only to apply perfume to

freshly-washed hair, or the natural oils and any lingering hair products

will affect the odour. Since perfume contains alcohol and can be drying

to your strands, apply sparingly and from a distance.

Lastly, it is also important to note that the more moisturised you

are, the longer a fragrance will last on your skin. So, don’t forget to

apply body cream before spraying your favourite perfume.

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