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Our patented deodorizing oil will kill even the worst smells

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From smoking smells to strong food odors, and everything in between, if you have an odor problem, NeoDorize can solve it!

NeoDorize is a patented oil formula designed to kill malodorous compounds by changing their structure at a molecular level.  Once the bad smell has been eliminated, NeoDorize leaves your space with a new pleasant smell.  NeoDorize is dispensed using the same cold-air scenting systems as our standard aroma oils.

Don't waste your money on Products that DO NOT work

Wall sprayers have an attractive price point, there is no doubt about it.  But they are not effective for commercial scenting or odor removal.  The size of the droplets that come from the spray bottle are measured by fractions of a millimetre whereas the particles emitted from a NeoScent cold-air diffuser are less than a micron in size.  This means that we are able to distribute our aroma evenly with millions of molecules that do not succumb to gravity the way water droplets do.

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